Freelancer Uniform on POLYVORE

I'm back to freelancing full time, and therefore, needed to adjust my daily clothing. Some days, I never change out of my pajamas, but I find it's better for my mental health and productivity I bought a few new soft staples, but mostly just pulled out a bunch of pieces I already had.

I quickly discovered that I have a general "uniform": a soft graphic t, a pair of black or gray leggings, a wrap sweater in the cooler months, plus a scarf in the even cooler ones, and my slippers.

At least three days a week, I have to run out to get my boys from school or stop at my co-op for some groceries. I want to look pulled together enough to do that without having to interrupt my day to change. You can spend more on certain things and less on others. I blow through expensive or cheap leggings at the same rate, so I buy the cheap ones. 

I love a good, soft sweater or wrap, and have three that I rotate through. I will do a more colorful version of this soon. Today: neutrals with mixed prints and two footwear options. 

Not shown: Coffee!