Back to School with Scotch BrAND


Fair warning: there's a truth explosion inbound. This idea came to be because I was tired of the sound of my own voice. Every parent has been there, asking, then telling, their child for the eleventh time, to put their shoes on. I would love to tell you that it came to me another way—in an ultra-organized Mom epiphany—but nope. I was just tired of the sound of my own voice. It makes me laugh when I think of it now, since I always thought I had a pretty nice voice. 


To make it a little better in the short term, I made a quick list below the clock on the wall in our kitchen, near where we eat breakfast everyday. It was on the back of a homework sheet, scribbled in marker: 8:00 - Eat breakfast. 8:15 - Go upstairs and get dressed. (Check weather.) 8:30 - Get your shoes and jacket on. 8:45 - Head out to the bus. Then, when I actually got them out the door to school, thought about it a little more. I realized this idea would be even better for my younger son (and therefore more helpful for me!) if it were represented on an actual clock so it lowered the barrier of learning with a visual tool.


In this moment, the clock assistant was born. I drew a clock on the sheet that looked like the one on the wall and added the times on my list to match the hands on the clock. Many friends have told me they've adopted this tip to much success, which makes me so happy, and I was thrilled when Scotch™ wanted to use my idea for their annual Back To School campaign to help families through the transition and encourage independence.

Use one or more clock assistant worksheet [click through for a FREE PRINTABLE] below any clock in your home to help promote independence and get out the door easily and peacefully.

Gather your Scotch™ Precision Ultra Edge Titanium Scissors and print a few of the free printable we made for you, or customize your own.

Use Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape for hands on clock and as a colorful visual indicator for each child in their favorite color and Scotch® Wall-Safe Tape or Scotch™ Double-Sided Tape to hang up wherever you need a little help encouraging your kids to be ready.

I use one in the kids' bedrooms and two in the kitchen area — one for each kiddo, made in their favorite color. Check out the Scotch website for more ideas from myself and some ideas for the younger set from Faux Martha

If you're looking to save some time and nourish yourself in the meantime, check out the family-friendly recipe I developed for Double Stuff Fried Rice.

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Freelancers Unite: A New Work Group for Independents

I've always dreamt of doing this kind of group to utilize my amazing network in the best possible way, so I posted to gauge interest recently an the response was phenomenal. Others needed this, too, so here we go. It's going to be so great.

Event details:

Come together for a day of collaborative coworking and inspiration with other local independents in my network. Working as a freelancer has so many benefits but sometimes we miss bouncing ideas off of others on a regular basis and the supportive structure of a workplace. And, we often lose track of our own business goals and project ideas inside our busy weeks doing work for others, so let's work together to see some of our goals to fruition. I'm thinking we'll set up the day like this:

• Social and sharing time

• Coworking and independent work time 

• Time for snack or lunch

• Talk about next event

I'm planning for this to be an ongoing event on Mondays and/or Fridays throughout the year including workgroups, networking, breakfast break-outs, happy hours and socials, and maybe even a year-end party! I'm open to your ideas and locations. Email me with ideas - Ticketing fee will go to admin costs, location fees, etc and will be limited to approximately 40 attendees, depending on location. If this sounds like something you'd like, join us! 

This is not an event for recruiters to attend or for sales of any kind. Thank you.  

On Diversity, Safety, and Inclusion

Our goal is for everyone to feel safe and included during our events. We ask all attendees to be aware and sensitive to the gender identities and expressions, diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, and sexualities of the people you will meet and interact with. Read more on our Code of Conduct at Clever Kate-sponsored events.