Content Strategy • LIFE Coaching • Lifestyle SERVICES

Clever Kate INC. is a boutique agency offering full-service content strategy consulting for companies, people and their brands. 

Kate and her best-in-class team work with independents, startups, and artists to multimillion dollar brands and everyone in-between.

We build and deploy scaleable content strategies that grow businesses.

In addition, Kate writes, speaks and counsels candidly and expertly about personal and professional life and living modern life well.

Through her personal and professional coaching services, Kate is on a mission to help people live their best possible lives, one small step (or giant leap) at a time.

She believes that everyone has the chance to design, slowly or swiftly, the life they imagine. It’s time to love your life again.

Services that provide solutions for your business and life

  • Content development, content strategy, SEO and other full-service digital marketing services

  • Personal coaching and professional coaching services

  • Clever Collective: personal referrals to the best people in every discipline

  • Select influencer marketing with aligned brands

  • Conference appearances, speaking and workshops

  • Yoga and meditation classes

  • Pep talks

  • Mom hugs

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