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Everyone knows I grew up in a kitchen. What only a few know is that I set out five years ago to make a little food brand out of the things everyone always asked me to make again and again: my unbelievably delicious superfood O'Reilly Granola, you'd-never-know-they're-gluten-free breads, magic (garlic and herb-infused) salts, clean-oil dressings and marinades. Life got in the way so I never got it out in the world. I built the brand look then with Chelsea Brink, who is a genius, and literally translates my messy concepts, words and ideas into beautiful and better ideas and actual pieces of art. She gave it a refresh for me this summer and I’m happy to report that life is no longer in the way.

My (wee) food startup Hot & Fresh launched on September 1, 2019 at Minneapolis Cider Company as part of a new local makers mart Vendor September.

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My product line is made up of things that help you feel prepared and prepare for your busy life, all handmade with love by yours truly.

Large and small gifts, gift baskets and special orders available. Questions? Email me.