Need a little help but can't do a full blown contract? That's cool. I am now available for minisessions.

We’ll meet in person or via Skype and you’ll leave with a newly formed, clear path of where you’re headed and a ton of information about how to do everything better and more efficiently. 

  • Are you stuck in your life or job? Need to get organized and be more focused?
  • Do you have a project that you need some help getting off the ground?
  • Do you have a website but no content?
  • Want me to focus some attention on your project or business?
  • Want to figure out what the next step is in your career or life?
  • Do you have an idea that you don’t know has potential?
  • Are unsure what's keeping you stuck?

I can help with all of this and more.

I offer two of these appointments per week; they are 1.5 hours each and cost $400. This includes up to 2 follow-up emails.

To book a minisession, visit my Schedulicity. Easy!